Requisition of Acquired Competencies (RAC)

Do you have work experience but have not obtained certification?

The recognition of acquired competencies (RAC) in vocational and technical training is a process that allows adults to be evaluated and obtain official recognition for competencies acquired on the job or through real-life experience in relation to a program of study.

At the end of the process, you will receive an official document (e.g., report card, diploma) that attests to all the competencies you have acquired, as if you had taken training in one of our institutions. The people in charge of the recognition of competencies in any educational institution can provide assistance throughout the process.

You must prepare a file:

> curriculum vitae
(including experience working as a volunteer);

> letters or other evidence
attesting to your work experience;

> letters or other evidence
attesting to your relevant experience
(e.g. volunteer work, recreational activities);

> report cards, diplomas and any other proof of training

You must fill out a description form for the competencies you want to have recognized. These forms list activities or situations with which you are familiar. They will help you explain what you are capable of doing, simply by checking off the appropriate box.

After submitting your file to the school board or educational institution of your choice, you will meet with an RAC counsellor to discuss your goals, what you need to do next and any related costs.

You will then be invited to an interview with specialists in the field in which you want to have competencies recognized. The interviewers will help you: identify the competencies to be evaluated; decide, in collaboration with these specialists, how to proceed for each competency depending on your situation (e.g. sample of work, performance of a task in the workplace).

After your interview, you will receive an official document attesting to which competencies you have acquired and, if applicable, offering suggestions on how to acquire the competencies you still need for purpose of achieving your goal.